Residental Cleaning Service

Don't stress over the disarray and waste your free time drudge away house cleaning. Hire home cleaning services through Elite Cleaners and we'll connect you to an experienced cleaner so you can enjoy the easy life as they handle all your home cleaning needs and stint. Let us clean your home and you can smile. This goes from kitchens to bathrooms of your home. Our house cleaning services have covered it, so you can relax and go back to an elegant and clean home after a long day at work.

We understand that you lead a busy life and want to keep your home looking neat and clean. That’s where we come in! Our experienced cleaning team offers a range of cleaning services in New Zealand wide. We will help you 24/7 hours of precious time support! Whether it’s after work or in the holidays. By delivering these services we use our specialist in-house teams and provide a greater level of reliability, quality control through the latest equipment, and consistency in service. It makes your life easier and you only need to make one phone call to arrange all of your cleaning needs.

We are proud of every aspect of the services and product range we provide, there are a few features of our offering that we think set us aside from our competitors. We use environmentally friendly and micro-fiber cloths which are laundered regularly in our own commercial laundry. We are very happy to work on any on-site environmental initiatives you may have.

We believe that caring for your health and the environment is as important as caring for your home. This is why we've partnered exclusively with Elite Cleaning to ensure that the cleaning supplies we use free of nasty chemicals and are both safe and healthy for you and also kinder on the environment. After gaining over 5 years of experience in this business, we set the bar high enough to guarantee customer satisfaction. We value consistency, diligence, and communication on top of making your office look, smell, clean, and feel its best. We have a well-trained team of experts and provide you 100% guaranteed satisfaction.