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About Us

Why Us?

Selecting the right cleaners for you……………

Our Staff

We take our recruitment policies very seriously; we look of industry ready work-force. All our cleaners undergo a series of tests such as character check and drug test. We allocate the cleaning sites to the same cleaner, so that you can build a relationship of trust with them, apart from that we provide you with a communication log book which is checked and signed by our supervisors on a day to day basis. Adequate actions are taken right on the spot.

Area of Operation

We operate mainly in the areas in and around Rotorua, however, we are ready for expansion in the entire Bay of Plenty region.

Reliability & Staff Replacement

Customer satisfaction is our primary priority hence, on your recommendation we co-ordinate with you, if required we change the cleaner responsible for the site cleaning.

Elite Cleaning & Its Environmental Obligations

We as professional cleaning company, we have a responsibility towards environment we live in. To accomplish our day to day operations, we adopt eco-friendly techniques. We use environment friendly products which have minimal or no impact on environment and health of your staff and customers.

Preventing Cross Contamination

Our cleaners are trained well enough to avoid and type of cross contamination as we make use of colour coded micro-fibre cloths and mop heads, to eliminate the chance of any bacterial and viral cross contamination between kitchen, office and toilets.

Regular Communication Services

  • Checking of Communication Books (on day to day basis)
  • Monthly feedback questionnaire
  • Face to face meetings with the clients monthly.

As we are not a franchise, so we keep our prices very affordable……………

Get in touch with us to discuss your unique cleaning needs and get our quote for your unique cleaning requirement.

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